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DIVERSITY: Jeonghan & Choonhyang Yun and Rimi Yang

Meet the Artists Event: Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Jeonghan & Choonhyang Yun: The Yuns have created, in their works, a unique alchemy of ancient Asian techniques and more modern Western imagery, specifically abstraction. Their "paintings" are made in the traditional method of Hanji, Korean paper-making, which they utilize in both time-honored and non-traditional ways. The Yuns made a monumental decision several years ago. They determined that, with differing sensibilities and visions, they could create works as a team differently than what they did individually. Indeed the results of these collaborative efforts are remarkable, moving and unique. They sign each work with both of their names and add in each of their thumbprints, which have been dipped into pigment, to signify their approval of each completed masterpiece. These completed pieces are like "paper tapestries".and are meant to be framed and exhibited without glass, so that light can saturate the "paintings" and not have reflection. A specialized mounting system, employing magnets, has been devised to show their spectacular works. Rimi Yang: Yang is known for her intense enthusiasm for vibrant color which manifested in both her figurative and her abstract paintings. After many years in the field of books she has come later to art, making up for that tardiness with her passion for her solitary studio practice. Celebrating the chaotic emotional duality that exsist in life in her art,she reveals in the confusion mankind creates in its attempt to order the un-orderable and to explain the explainable. Adhering to Joseph Campbell's dictum that the best things in life are those you cannot explain. Her paintings are intuitive, instinctive, balancing acts of contrasts. Building up and tearing down of surfaces and images searching for reason where none exists, for that imaginary perfect world of equilibrium on each canvas. Creating a new language with each work, using each as a stepping stone to the next she is dedicated to making each painting better than her last. That Yang's work is universal in spirit yet personally intimate is evident upon viewing the non-destructive whole.

Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

1009 West 6th Street

Austin, TX 78703

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